Kahuku Grill Art Competition

It all started with the Kahuku Grill art competition. Owners and friends of Kahuku Grill, the Hannemann family, hosted an art competition for BYU Hawaii art students. The task at hand was to enliven the interior space at the North Shore restaurant Kahuku Grill. Entries were made and ultimately Trijsten Leach's "transition through history" sketch was to be painted by artists Ryan Jung and Trijsten Leach. The following is their story.

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Preliminary Sketches

Hard to believe but this was the drawing that caught Seth Hannemann's eye. He was stoked on the idea 

Here are some subsequent sketches that allowed for more ocean and wave riding.

This is more what the mural looks like now. We based a lot off of this sketch.

The Massive Wall- first phase

Ryan and I had never really painted a mural. In fact we both were students learning to paint. We didn't know how big three walls totaling 352.5 square feet was.  7.5 feet tall and 46 feet long. We had lots of help along the way and the Hannemann's were more than happy to take care of our needs and feed us some of the best food in all of Hawaii.

As you can see we drew a huge grid on the wall that helped us to transfer the drawing proportionately

A little help from friends-middle phase (underpainting)

Thanks Justin for you help

Kathleen Jung Clarke thanks for your help

Many people from BYUH and the community helped us paint large portions of the walls. It was a big project. thanks

Little by little things started to come together

The tones weren't quite right at first so brought in our painting instructor Matt Alisa for his help. Thanks for your help

Ryan painting lines of color

More underpainting
Cooks and staff we love you


The Last Phase- "It's all comin together"

Eating the delicious Kahuku Grill Burgers

Painting the wall

The Family and Crew

First wall to the left. Sugar cane workers and present day Kahuku Grill

Sunrise over the Ko'olau

Epic Barrel with Art Hannemann inside

Hannemann's and friends on the beach watching the surf

Ryan's Dad  and Brother Matt

Family portrait
Male model

Taking it all in


The End